The Band

Julio Noriega • Jules | "The present is a present so be present"
Julio Noriega • Jules | “The present is a present so be present”

Noriega Mind was founded in 2016, when the road of life led frontman Julio Noriega (Jules) from Peru to Germany. Not long after his arrival, he met guitarist Daniel Zajonz (MR. D.), drummer Ben Schnieber (Bernardo) and bassist Simon Kniffert (Senior Si) who had been making music together since their early school days.

After laying down key elements to the bands foundation and sound, Simon moved to Austria which in return opened a gap that was filled shortly after by bass player Ulf Krønert (Flu). The final step in creating the Noriega Mind sound was taken when Ben took over percussions and Marlon Walter (Marvelous Mar) joined to work the drums.

Daniel Zajonz • Mr. D | "If you don't feel it, you don't play it."
Daniel Zajonz • Mr. D | “If you don’t feel it, you don’t play it.”

Noriega Mind music is raw, energizing and honest. But at the same time soothing and captivating. The band makes sure the music flows naturally while Julio’s unique voice sometimes playfully goes along with it, at other times breaks all the way through it in the most authentic way possible.

Right beside that you have Mr. D with his guitar delivering a range of skills and sounds. Whether smooth or funky, whether cheesy or heavy, D has it in store.Julio and Daniel often create a special mixture of duet and duel while Ulf on the bass backs them up at all times. Ulf (Flu) , brings together the best of both melodic and rhythmic world while at the same time always reliably rocking the crowd in the purest way possible.

Ulf Krønert • Flu / Flooster | "All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be" (Pink Floyd)
Ulf Krønert • Flu / Flooster | “All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be” (Pink Floyd)

Most importantly though he builds an intimate bond with the heartbeat of it all. Also known as drums, played by Marlon (in the Band known as Marvelous Mar), he was the last one to join the band but was able to adapt seamlessly right away and also inspire and take the lead at times. 

Every cake needs a good ol’ cherry on top. For Noriega Mind that cherry is Ben (also known as Bernardo or Burn Heart the Brave). After having played drums for a long time, he moved on to play percussions in the band and delivers pretty much any kind of sound you could imagine and would normally miss if it wasn’t there. 

Ben Schnieber • Bernardo, Burn Heart, Bernhard | “Flow and burn, that’s how you’ll learn!”

Noriega Mind’s deep love for the giant rock bands of mostly the 70’s undeniably influence their sound or rather inspire it. 

Old school rock with modern attributes so to speak. The message of the songs varies but in its core always comes back to a few key things. All-embracing energy and love. What might sound a little esoteric and arrogant at first is eventually actually quite simple. 

Marlon Walter • marvellous mar | "live your heart never follow"
Marlon Walter • marvellous mar | “live your heart never follow”

Every band member is a complex individual and a specialist in their field of work.

They not only manage to compromise on a personal level and be there for each other but also combine their equalities and differences on stage to share their passion with the world. If you come to a Noriega Mind concert you might hear, see or smell what it’s like. But you will undoubtedly ‘feel’ what it’s like. As a listener, you will not be missing any surprises:

Simon Kniffert • Señor Si | "the blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits"
Simon Kniffert • Señor Si | “the blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits”

Every song individually strong like the members themselves, every line as honest as a promise, every credo as intimate as the personal life.

Noriega Mind manages to combine different styles, expressions and ideas to come together harmonically. 

The motto is self explanatory